Monday, 13-June | Tuesday, 14-June | Wednesday, 15-June

Monday, June 13

Time (EDT) Speaker(s) Title
1:00-2:00pm Tools in Development and Action
Joel Rivard, Rebecca Bartlett, Sherri Sunstrum, Meaghan Kenney, Monica Ferguson, Carleton University An Overview of Current Online Mapping Tools (30 minutes)
daniel Brendle-Moczuk, University of Victoria A First Peoples territories acknowledgment map for the Victoria BC area: Struggling with simplicity and complexity (30 minutes)
2:00-2:15pm 15 Minute Break
2:15-3:15pm Data Portals and Wikidata
Rene Duplain, University of Ottawa & Kara Handren, University of Toronto GIS Data in Ontario Universities: Assessing Current and Future Needs Through the GeoPortal Redevelopment Survey (30 minutes)
Kyla Jemison, & Julia Gilmore, University of Toronto Wikidata (30 minutes)
3:30-4:30pm Trivia

Tuesday, June 14

Time (EDT) Speaker(s) Title
1:00-2:00pm Posters/Story Maps Exploration
Joel Rivard, Meaghan Kenny, Carleton University Historical Transit Vector Data (30 minutes)
Lisl Schoner-Saunders & Guinsly Mondésir, OCUL Geographies of Virtual Reference (30 minutes)
2:00-2:15pm 15 Minute Break
2:15-3:15pm Projects and Explorations of Data
Kara Handren & Amber Leahey, University of Toronto The NTS 1:50,000 Maps Project: Leveraging library partnerships to build national geospatial data research infrastructure (20 minutes)
Zach MacDonald, Western University Rural Drone Data Collection (20 minutes)
Dan Jakubek & Jimmy Tran, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) Aerial LiDAR Data Collection: Lessons Learned (20 minutes)

Wednesday, June 15

Time (EDT) Event
1:00-2:00pm CARTO-ACMLA Annual General Meeting