Rebecca Bartlett has been the GIS Librarian at Carleton University in Ottawa since 2012. Her research interests include historical GIS and methods for extracting geographic locations from digitized historical texts, and this spring she can be found growing way too many seedlings for her garden.

daniel Brendle-Moczuk, University of Victoria

René Duplain est le bibliothécaire de recherche (SIG) à la Bibliothèque de l'Université d'Ottawa. Il se spécialisekenny (SIG). René tient une maîtrise en sciences de l'information (uOttawa), une maîtrise en biologie (uOttawa) et un certificat d'études supérieures en SIG (Collège Algonquin). René a travaillé comme consultant en SIG à Agriculture Canada et à Pêches et Océans Canada, et comme Analyste de données à la bibliothèque de l'Université d'Ottawa.

Monica Ferguson, spent over 30 years as a MacOdrum Library Map Specialist. In 2015 she moved to the Library’s Archives and Special Collections as coordinator of “The Ottawa Resource Collection”. Monica loves promoting the use of multiple formats of information such as maps, books, government information, grey literature, archival fonds and more. Of course including spatial information is a highlight, especially when it leads to that “Ah ha!” moment for researchers!

Julia Gilmore, ( is a Masters’ student in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto and a graduate student library assistant in the Metadata Services department at University of Toronto Libraries. Her interests include archives and special collections, linked data (Wikidata in particular), and information organization.

Kara Handren is a Data Librarian at the Map & Data Library, University of Toronto Libraries

Dan Jakubek is the GIS and Map Librarian at the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) Library. Jimmy Tran is the Research Technology Officer in the TMU Library Collaboratory. Together they have collaborated to create a Drone Learning Program to support teaching and research at the University.

Kyla Jemison is a metadata librarian at the University of Toronto, dealing primarily with music, maps, microform, and video materials.

Meaghan Kenny is a Geospatial Data Service Specialist at MacOdrum Library. Her work is multifaceted and includes: geoprocessing data for collections and archiving, administering the Esri suite of products and licenses across campus, assisting students with research and troubleshooting, designing and delivering workshops and instructional sessions using various GIS software products. Meaghan takes great delight in guiding students through tricky GIS issues and errors and talking about cool analytical tools like Space Time Cube’s! She has an MA in geography and can’t navigate her way out of a box.

Amber Leahey is the Data & GIS Librarian at Scholars Portal. She works together with OCUL libraries to develop digital data infrastructure in support of research and teaching across the province.

Zach MacDonald, is the Map Librarian at Western University Library’s Archives and Special Collections. He is a co-investigator on Environments of Change, where his work has focused on the use LiDAR data and historical maps to reconstruct late medieval environments for AR educational games. His current work explores the intersection of historical geographic information systems and historical building information models in generating immersive historical simulations an educational gaming.

Guinsly Mondésir is a Virtual Reference Librarian at Scholar’s Portal. He helps coordinate the service with participating Ontario universities that are part of the Ask A Librarian service. Guinsly helps with the publishing of surveys on ODESI, a digital repository for social science data, including polling data

Joel Rivard is the Subject Area Coordinator, Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities at the Carleton University Library. In the past, he’s held the position of replacement GIS and Geography Librarian at the University of Ottawa and spent 15 years working as the Cartographic Specialist and the GIS Technician at the Carleton University Library. He has a Master of Information Studies as well as an honours degree in Geomatics with a minor in Environmental Studies.

Lisl Schoner-Saunders is an Academic Librarian at Algoma University. Her primary responsibilities revolve around managing Algoma’s E-book and E-Journal Database Collection and Reference Services. She enjoys taking on special projects and discovering new ways to break Library and Librarian stereotypes.

Sherri Sunstrum is a cartographic specialist at Carleton University and subject specialists for Geomatics and Earth sciences.