Bibliographic Control Committee

Chair: Kyla Jemison
for inquiries please contact 1st Vice President


Terms of Reference

Reporting Structure


Full members in good standing as follows:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To identify and study issues involved in the bibliographic control of cartographic materials in Canada to ensure standardization and improved access through cataloguing and metadata.
  2. To inform and when appropriate, instruct, other members in the cartographic community on the proper use and interpretation of cataloguing rules and metadata for cartographic materials, including updates and changes.
  3. To liaise with the Library and Archives Canada, the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing, and other bodies/organizations who may be involved in the implementation of bibliographic control of cartographic materials or in the creation of metadata standards and descriptions.
  4. To promote the continued development of the national union catalogue and other national listings of cartographic materials in print and digital format.
  5. To meet regularly, in person or by electronic means, to discuss the above, ensuring that all interested members are aware of the activities of the Committee through wide distribution of the agenda(s) and annual report of the Committee.

*Revised May 2021

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