Bulleting of the ACMLA Bulletin

Meg Miller

ACMLA Bulletin

Terms of Reference:

Reporting Structure:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. The Bulletin Editor shall receive an annual honorarium upon completion of a full years issues (three - Spring/Summer; Fall; Winter). This honorarium shall be in the amount as agreed upon by the Board, and shall be forwarded, along with a letter of appreciation, to the Editor by the Second Vice-President at the end of the fiscal year (normally at the time of the AGM).
  2. The Bulletin Editor will provide authors, contributors, column editors and the ACMLA membership with adequate advance notice of copy deadlines.
  3. The Bulletin Editor will organize and manage all submitted material, images, correspondence and files associated with the Bulletin.
  4. The Bulletin Editor will manage correspondence relating to the Bulletin, including acknowledgements of receipt for submitted material, requests to authors for additional material or information, acknowledgements of appreciation, and any inquiries about the Bulletin and its publication. The Bulletin Editor will provide reports and updates related to the Bulletin and its production at the request of the Board of Directors.
  5. The Bulletin Editor will read all submitted material for content, and will select materials for publication in the Bulletin that reflect the goals, interests and values of the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives, its members and the broader Canadian cartographic and geographic communities.
  6. The Bulletin Editor will read all material selected for publication for quality of writing and mechanical consistency (grammar, spelling, punctuation, referencing style, etc.) The Editor will request that edits be made by the submitting author or will make minor edits directly.
  7. The Bulletin Editor will recommend a preferred style guide and referencing style, and will ensure that the finished Bulletin meets standards of quality and appearance, as required by the Board of Directors. The Bulletin Editor is expected to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters affecting the publication of the Bulletin, including policy changes, costs, software and production decisions.

The Bulletin Editor will produce a camera-ready electronic copy of the Bulletin manuscript, in accord with the standards and specifications of submission of the publisher designated by the Board of Directors. The Bulletin Editor will maintain a backup copy of the finished Bulletin in electronic form on behalf of the ACMLA. The Bulletin Editor will provide an electronic copy of the Bulletin or of selected extracts to the Board of Directors as required.