Conference Committee

Past ACMLA Conferences

Terms of Reference:

Reporting Structure:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. The Committee Chair shall obtain the Conference Manual package from the Secretary, and may strike a committee to assist with the planning and delivery of the annual conference.
  2. The Committee may apply to the Treasurer for $500 in "seed" money, to facilitate conference planning. It is expected that this advance will be recovered through the conference fees and will be repaid to the Treasurer following the completion of the conference.
  3. The Committee organizes the events and schedule of the Conference, including local arrangements, professional and business meetings; arranges for speakers and their needs; sets appropriate fees and/or seeks sponsors to cover all costs incurred.
  4. The Committee reports the progress of their plans to the Board prior to Board and Annual Business meetings; submits a final report including a detailed financial statement after the completion of the conference; provides to the Secretary any suggestions or amendments necessary to ensure the currency and usefulness of the Conference Manual.
  5. The Committee ensures that all speakers, sponsors and persons who render aid in the conference planning and delivery shall receive appropriate thanks from the Association.