Historical Maps Committee

Chair: Dan Duda

Terms of Reference:

Reporting Structure:


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To select historical maps of Canadian interest for reproduction as facsimiles.
  2. To obtain sponsors for facsimile maps; to arrange correspondence with sponsors, payment of fees and delivery of agreed-upon facsimiles after printing.
  3. To arrange for the photography or obtain negatives of the selected maps; to negotiate printing of the facsimile maps bearing the Association's logo and appropriate marginal information; to supervise printing and payment of the printer upon satisfactory completion of the print job.
  4. To arrange the storage and distribution of the facsimile maps to the financial advantage of the Association; to advertise and promote map sales as appropriate.
  5. To maintain records of sale, accounts and inventory in accord with recommendations of the Association's auditor or the Board.