Library of Congress G Schedule for Atlases

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 Including southern Canada, eastern Canada, 1870 and earlier; Rupert's Land; and Old Northwest Territories. Class regions and districts of Rupert's Land and Old Northwest Territories by specific location, e.g.: G1162.A8 - Assiniboia (District of Old Northwest Territories, 1882-1905)
1119.AlCities and towns collectively.
 For individual cities and towns, see the province or territory
1119.3-32Eastern Canada (1871 and later)
1120-1122Atlantic Provinces. Atlantic Canada.
1122.5-52Maritime Provinces. Acadia
1125-1129Nova Scotia
1130-1134New Brunswick
1135-1139Prince Edward Island
1139.3-34Newfoundland and Labrador.
 Class here atlases of the island of Newfoundland as well as atlases of the province as a whole
1139.7-72Central Provinces.
 Including Ontario and Quebec together
 Including the historical areas of Lower Canada and "Canada East"
 Including the historical areas of Upper Canada and "Canada West"
1150-1152Western Canada
1152.3-32Prairie Provinces
1169.3-32Cordilleran Provinces and Territories.
 Including British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, that portion of MacKenzie District, N.W.T. west of MacKenzie River treated together.
1170-1174British Columbia
1174.3-32Northern Canada.
 Including atlases of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon.
1180-1184Northwest Territories
[1185-1189]Newfoundland, see G1139.3-.34
[1190-1193]Labrador, see G1139.4-.42
1195-1199Saint Pierre and Miquelon Islands
 * This section on Canada was developed in cooperation with the National Archives of Canada.