Historic Maps of Canada

Maps published by ACMLA are printed on high quality paper pH6.5. 43 X 56cm (17" X 22"). Please note that ACMLA no longer sells these maps; however, we have left the list up for reference. Some maps are available for purchase at World of Maps.

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Historical Maps (by Year of Origin)

ACMLA No. Map Description Cartographer Year Area
024 [Sketch map of Upper Canada, showing the routes Lt. Gov. J.G. Simcoe took on trips between March, 1792, and September 1795. E.P. Simcoe].         A10
103 Universalior Cogniti Orbis Tabula. [Johannes Ruysch. Rome] 1508 A01
049 [La Nuova Francia] (G. Gastaldi and G. B. Ramusio) 1556 A08
126 [World Map.] Paolo Forlani and Giovanni Camocio 1560 A01
051 Universale Descrittione di Tutta la Terra Conosciuta. (P. Forlani and F. Bertelli) 1565 A01
026 Il Designo del discoperto della nova Francia. (P. Forlani/Bolognini Zaltieri) 1566 A03
147 Quarte Partie de Monde. Andre Thevet 1575 A02
104 Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio. Rumold Mercator 1587 A01
060 Americae Pars Borealis, Florida, Baccalaos, Canada, Corterealis (Cornelis de Jode) 1593 A03
040 Nova Francia et Canada (Cornelius Wytfliet) 1597 A08
013 America (Arnoldo di Arnoldi) 1600 A02
128 Upper map: Figure de la Terre Neuve, Grand Riviere de Canada, et Cotes de l'Ocean en la Nouvelle France         A06
Lower map: Figure du Port Royal en la Nouvelle France Marcus Lescarbot, Marc Lescarbot 1609 A08
084 Carte Geographique de la Nouvelle Franse. (Samuel de Champlain) 1612 A08
050 Tabula Nautica ("The Henry Hudson Map")      1612 A14
011 The North Part of America [Henry Briggs] 1625 A03
138 Noua Orbis Terrarum. Philippus Eckebrecht 1630 A01
062 Carte de la Nouvelle France... (Samuel de Champlain) 1632 A08
029 Tabula Novae Franciae.      1644 A08
090 Regiones Sub Polo Arctico (W.J. Blaeu) 1645 A04
019 Le Canada faict par le Sr. de Champlain ou sont La Nouvelle France, La Nouvelle Angleterre, La Nouvelle Holande, La Nouvelle Suede, La Virginie & c. (Pierre Du Val) 1653 A05
086 Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, & c. (Nicolas Sanson) 1656 A08
083 Carta particolare della terra nuoua con la gran Baia et il Fiume grande della Canida (Robert Dudley) 1661 A06
047 Extrema Americae Versus Boream, ubi Terra Nova, Nova Francia Adjacentiag (J. Blaeu) 1663 A06
018 Lac Superieur et autre lieux ou sont les Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus. (Claude Dablon) 1673 A08
003 A Map of the North Pole and the Parts Adjoining (Moses Pitt) 1680 A04
080 Partie de la Nouvelle France (Alexis-Hubert Jaillot) 1685 A08
076 Partie Occidentale du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France. (Vincenzo Coronelli) 1688 A03
030 Canada Orientale nell' America Settentrionale. (V. Coronelli) 1692 A06
069 Quebec, Ville de l'Amerique Septentrionale dans la Nouvelle France. (Nicolas de Fer) 1694 A15
046 Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France (Guillaume Delisle) 1703 A08
150 Planisphere Terrestre Pieter Van der Aa 1713 A01
115 A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye Continent of North America Herman Moll and others 1715, 1732 A06
082 La Grande Riviere de Canada, appellee par les Europeens de St. Laurens [La feuille orientale] (J. Deshayes) 1715 A09
081 La Grande Riviere de Canada appellee par les Europeens de St. Laurens [La feuille ouest] (J. Deshayes) 1715 A09
027 Carte de la Nouvelle France, ou se voit le cours des Grandes Rivieres de S. Laurens & de Mississipi. (H.A. Chatelain) 1719 A03
142 Partie Orientale de la Nouvelle France our du Canada avec de L'Isle de Terre-Neuve. Tobias Conrad Lotter 1720 A06
097 Pas-Kaart Vande Zee Kusten inde Boght van Niew Engeland (Johannes van Keulen) 1728 A06
055 A New and Correct Map of America (William Keith) 1738 A02
107 Carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale Jacques-Nicolas Bellin 1743 A03
098 Chart of Hudson's Bay & Straits, Baffin's Bay, Strait Davis & Labrador Coast & c. (C. Middleton) 1743 A04
133 Mappe Monde Nouvelle Dediee A Monseigneur le Comte de Maurepas. [George Louis] 1744 A01
005 A New Chart of the Coast of New England, Nova Scotia, New France or Canada, with the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, St. John's & c. (N. Bellin) 1746 A06
017 [Halifax and Environs] (Thomas Jefferys) 1750 A15
002 Partie Occidentale Du Canada, Contenant les Lacs Ontario, Huron, Erie et Lac Superieur (N. Bellin) 1752 A07
077 Carte Reduite, des Costes de l'Acadie, de l'Isle Royale, et de la Partie meridionale de l'Isle de Terre-Neuve (Joseph-Bernard de Chabert) 1753 A06
010 Nouvelle Carte des Decouvertes faites par des Vaisseaux Russes aux cotes inconnues de l'Amerique Septentrionale Avec Les Pais Adjacents.      1754 A01
122 Carte Physique des Terreins les plus eleves de la Partie Occidentale du Canada. Philippe Buache 1754 A05
078 Carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale (Jaques-Nicolas Bellin) 1755 A03
114 Partie Orientale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada Jacques-Nicolas Bellin 1755 A06
033 A New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Britain with the adjacent parts of New England and Canada. (Thomas Jefferys) 1755 A06
064 Partie Occidentale de la Nouvelle France ou Canada (Jacques-Nicolas Bellin) 1755 A08
073 Partie de l'Amerique Septent. Qui comprend La Nouvelle France ou le Canada (Gilles Robert de Vaugondy) 1755 A08
053 A Plan of the City & Fortifications of Louisburg. (The Universal Magazine) 1758 A15
025 A Plan of the Straits of St. Mary and Michilimakinac, to Shew the Situation & Importance of the two Westernmost Settlements of Canada for the Fur Trade (The London Magazine) 1761 A10
112 A Chart of the Straights of Bellisle with Part of the Coast of Newfoundland and Labradore. James Cook 1766 A06
149 Nieuwe Kaart van Kanaka Isaak Tirion 1769 A05
099 A General Chart of the Island of Newfoundland with the Rocks & Soundings (T. Jefferys) 1775 A06
016 A Map of the Island of St. John in the Gulf of St. Lawrence divided into counties and parishes. (Thomas Jefferys) 1776 A06
031 Environs de Quebec. Bloque par les Americains du 8 Decembre 1775 au 13 mai 1776 (George Louis Le Rouge) 1777 A15
088 Le Isole di Terra Nuova e Capo Breton (Antonio Zatta) 1778 A06
129 Chart of the N.W. Coast of America and the N.E. Coast of Asia, Explored in the Years 1778 and 1779 Wm. Faden 1784 A01
009 Chart of the N.W. Coast of America and N.E. Coast of Asia Explored in the Years 1778 & 1779 [Capt. James Cook's Voyage] 1784 A04
015 [Peter Pond's map of Western Canada, 1785.]      1785 A12
071 A Map of the Great River St. John. (Robert Campbell) 1788 A06
001 A New Map of the World with The Latest Discoveries (Samuel Dunn) 1794 A01
072 Chart of the Coast where a North West Passage was attempted. (Henry Ellis) 1794 A04
070 The British Possessions in North America (Samuel Lewis) 1794 A05
028 A Map exhibiting Mr. Hearne's Tracks in his two journeys for the discovery of the Copper Mine River, in the years 1770, 1771, and 1772. (Samuel Hearne) 1795 A14
035 Chart of St. John's Harbour in Newfoundland (Francis Owen) 1799 A15
004 A map of America...exhibiting Mackenzie's Track. (Alexander Mackenzie) 1801 A05
048 Merkatorskaia Karta...Severozapadnykh Beregov Ameriki. (G.A. Sarychev) 1802 A01
075 A New Map of the Province of Lower Canada. (Samuel Holland) 1802 A07
036 A New Map of Upper & Lower Canada, from the Latest Authorities (John Cary) 1808 A07
012 A Map of the Province of Upper Canada describing All The New Settlements, Townships, & c. with the Countries Adjacent from Quebec to Lake Huron (David William Smyth) 1813 A07
132 Plan of the Fort at York Upper Canada shewing its state in March 1816 J[ean]-B[aptiste] Duberger 1816 A15
139 Nord America. C. G. Reichard 1818 A03
074 Eskimaux Charts (Iligliuk and Ewerat) 1822 A14
023 Map of the Proposed Canal through the District of Niagara and Gore to form a junction of Lakes Erie and Ontario by the Grand River (James G. Chewett) 1823 A10
141 A Map of part of the Province of Upper Canada shewing the proposed route for a Canal... James Grant Chewett 1825 A07
116 Map of Quebec and its Environs, from Actual Survey 1822 John Adams 1826 A15
020 A Survey of the River Detroit. From Lake Erie to Lake St. Clair (W. F. W. Owen) 1828 A10
120 A Survey of the River St. Lawrence, from Lake Ontario to the Galop Rapids..1818 W. F. W. Owen (British Admiralty Chart 338, Sheet 1.) 1828 A10
089 Lake Huron (H. W. Bayfield) 1828 A10
143 Plan of the Line of the Rideau Canal. Lt. Colonel John By 1829 A10
119 A Map of the Province of Upper Canada. James Wyld 1835 A07
136 Chart of Hillsborough Bay, and the Harbour of Charlotte Town. George Wright 1839 A06
113 Carte des Iles St. Pierre et Miquelon levee en 1841 J. de la Roche-Poncie 1843 A06
146 North America. Lake Erie. West End. United States Coast Survey 1849 A10
066 Map of Vancouver Island and the Adjacent Coasts. (John Arrowsmith) 1849 A13
137 Plan of the City and Liberties of Kingston. Thomas Fraser Gibbs 1850 A15
044 Topographical Plan of the City of Toronto (Sandford A. Fleming) 1851 A15
148 Koh-klux' Map Chilkaht. [Alaska and Yukon] Chief Chilkaht Kohklux 1852 A04
095 British North America (J. Arrowsmith) 1854 A03
121 Plan of Part of the City of Toronto Shewing the Town Lots on Bellevue. J. Stoughton Dennis 1854 A15
091 Map of part of the Town of Berlin, Capital of the County of Waterloo, C. W. (M. C. Schofield) 1854 A15
039 Montreal (Waterlow and Sons, Lith.) 1859 A15
008 British Columbia (J. Conroy) 1862 A13
117 Map of the Township of Ascot. A.H. Whitcher 1864 A15
021 Niagara Frontier, Plan 2 (R. H. Stotherd) 1865 A10
093 [Plan of the Columbia R. District Shewing the Routes Explored by Messrs. Moberly, Green & Turnbull] (James Turnbull) 1866 A13
135 "Labrador [Showing Settlement in the Central Coastal Region]." [Levin T. Reichel] 1872 A06
131 View of Rocky Mountain House H. B. Co. J[ean] L['Heureux] 1873 A15
065 Plan of the City of Winnipeg and its Vicinity, Province of Manitoba (John D. Parr) 1874 A15
032 Map of the City of Ottawa (Mara & Maingy) 1874 A15
022 Map of the Township of London (J. S. Randall) 1878 A15
092 Postal Map of the Counties of Lanark, Leeds S., Brockville, Leeds & Grenville N., Grenville S., Dundas, Carleton, Russell, Stormont, Prescott, Cornwall, & Glengarry, Ontario, Canada (Postmaster General) 1879 A10
014 Province of Manitoba and the Part of the District of Keewatin and Northwest Territory Shewing the Townships and Settlements. (H. Belden & Co.) 1879 A12
087 Town of Goderich (H. Belden & Co.) 1879 A15
054 Map of the City of London and Suburbs, Ont. (Miles & Co.) 1879 A15
061 Outline Map of the Dominion of Canada (Department of the Interior, Canada) 1881 A05
041 New Map of British Columbia (R. T. Williams) 1882 A13
123 Plan of Edmonton Settlement N. W. T. M. Deane 1883 A15
063 Railway & Guide Map of Manitoba (Department of Agriculture, Manitoba) 1887 A12
058 Index Map Shewing the Routes followed by The Members of the Yukon Expedition 1887-1888 (Geological Survey Department, Canada) 1891 A14
045 Vancouver Harbour (British Admiralty Chart) 1893 A15
057 Plan of Township No. 24, Range 1 West of Fifth Meridian (Department of the Interior, Canada) 1895 A15
043 Map of the Canadian Yukon and Northern Territory of British Columbia.      1897 A14
068 Map of Portion of Canadian Northwest and Alaska. Showing routes of the Grand Trunk Railway System, and its connections to Klondike Gold Fields (Railway and Shipping World) 1898 A14
124 Edmonton Sheet West of Fourth Meridian Surveyor General's Office 1903 A12
037 Stovel's Map of Alberta.       1905 A12
038 Stovel's Map of Saskatchewan.      1905 A12
042 Edmonton and Environs (L.F. Heuperman) 1907 A15
096 Railway Map of Alberta (Sam J. Gorman) 1916 A12
125 Edmonton West of Fourth Meridian Office of the Surveyor General 1920 A12
101 [World Map as the Face in a Fool's Cap.] Anonymous Antwerp? [1590] A01
127 Nova Francia. [Cornelis Claesz] and Jan van Deutecum [1594] A08
109 Septentrionalium Terrarum descriptio Gerard Mercator [1595] A01
106 America Jodocus Hondius [1606] A02
094 Newfound land (John Mason) [1625] A06
056 Pas-kaart Vande Zee-Kusten van Terra Nova. (Johannes van Keulen) [1687] A06
105 Mappe-monde Geo-Hydrographique. Pierre Mortier [1700] A01
034 A Chart of ye Iland of New Found Land with ye Particular Harbors at larg. (John Thornton) [1700] A06
102 Sphaerarum Artificialium Typica Repraesentatio. [Johannes Baptista Homann?] [1710] A01
110 A New Map of Part of North America. [Arthur Dobbs] and Joseph La France [1744] A03
108 Carte des Nouvelles Decouvertes au Nord de la Mer du Sud... [Joseph-Nicolas] Delisle and Philippe Buache [1752] A01
134 "A Sketch of The River Exploits and The East End of Lieutenant's Lake in Newfoundland." [John Cartwright] [1773] A06
140 Carta Esferica de los Reconocimientos hechos en la costa N.O. de America en 1791 y 92 por las Goletas Sutil y Mexicana y otros Buques de S.M. [Anonymous] [1792] A13
007 Plan de la Cataracte de Niagara et de l'Isthme qui separe les Lacs Erie et Ontario (P.F. Tardieu) [1805] A10
144 Map of the Seat of War in North America. John Melish [1813-15] A03
085 Discoveries of Capts. Ross, Parry & Franklin in the Arctic Regions from 1818 to 1827      [1830] A04
118 Sketch Plan of the Village of St. Eustache, After the Action Decr. 11th 1837 H.B. Parry [1837] A15
100 British America (J. & F. Tallis) [1851] A05
111 Arctic Regions, with all the Discoveries, to 1853 George Philip & Son [1853] A04
006 Toronto, Canada West (Waterlow and Sons, Lith.) [1857] A15
067 Map showing the different Routes of Communication with the Gold Region on Frasers River (Alexander C. Anderson) [1858] A13
145 Map of the Counties of Wentworth part of Brant and Lincoln, Haldimand, Welland. Ellis and Company [1859-66] A10
059 Parish Montreal (H.W. Hopkins) [1879] A15
052 Bishop's North-West War Map (George Bishop Co.) [1885] A12
130 Map of Busy Berlin [now Kitchener, Ontario]. The Map Company [1912] A15
079 Plan of Banff, Rocky Mountains Park, Alberta (Department of the Interior, Canada) [1917-1920] A15